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Please enter your information below to become a member of ALARA. When you're finished, please print the form and mail it with your check or money order to:

  • Dr. Antonio D. Tillis
  • College of Charleston
  • 66 George Street
  • Charleston, SC 29424-0001
  • Email:
Student Faculty


ALARA Membership is open to all those interested in African Diaspora Studies.

Membership Dues and Conference Registration Fees

The conference registration fee is US $285. The conference registration fee for students/Professors Emeriti is US $200. This fee includes a two-year ALARA membership and a two-year subscription to the journal PALARA.

For those not attending the conference, the annual membership fee for one-year is US $100 and includes a free subscription to PALARA.

If you wish to only subscribe to PALARA and not become a member, you can subscribe at the following annual rate:

  • $15.00/year for individuals
  • $25.00/year for institutions

Dr. Dorothy Mosby and Dr. William Luis